About Us

AMPower® Energy Bar is a division of Kitchen Crafted, a national manufacturer and marketer of healthy flavor enhancers intended for mindful eaters. Our passion has always been to launch a game-changing plant-centric nutritious snack that delivered both an Energy Boost + Fuel to people who needed and desired both. After spending over one year in research and development, we came up with the dual benefit AMPower ® Energy Bar, which delivers High Protein (21g) and Caffeine (100mg), while keeping the bar 100% natural and adding prebiotics. The caffeine contained is equivalent to one 8oz cup of coffee. 

In addition, we added Prebiotics which aid with digestion and help boost your immune system. Our bars are Low Sugar, 100% Natural, Non-GMO and Gluten-Free. Use as a pre-workout snack, morning boost, meal replacement or even when the afternoon work slump hits you. 

It's time to AMPower Yourself®!